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Help jump start our newest product launch - Cox Business Security Solutions. Refer business customers for Business Security and Earn Rewards!

Cox Business Security Solutions includes: Detection and HD Surveillance designed for the small to medium business market. Each product can be purchased separately or bundled together.

Earn Amplifi points for referrals that result in sales with installations within 90 days of the referral being submitted.

Participation is easy!

  1. Ask the customer if they would like to learn more about Cox Business Security Solutions.
  2. With their approval, create an on-line referral by scrolling to right and input your login and password.
    Note: The first time you log in, use your Cox email address. Your password is your last name. Please change your password after your initial log in.
  3. Inform the customer that they will be contacted by a Cox Business Security Consultant.
  4. If the referral results in an installed sale within 90 days of receiving the referral, you will receive awards through your Amplifi account.
  5. If you have a business lead for video, voice or data please submit that lead at


Log into the site to review program terms and condition.
You can also contact Business program management at

About Cox Business Security Solutions

Cox Business Security Solutions (CBSS) is the umbrella brand representing two distinct security products: Detection and HD Surveillance. The focus of both products is to serve the small to medium business market and provide physical security and peace of mind while also allowing customers remote access and visibility into their business while they are away. Currently each product can be purchased separately or bundled together. CBSS Detection is a professionally monitored “Security 2.0” product that combines the benefits of a traditional security system with advanced features such as remote access, SMS or email alerts and environmental controls. The CBSS Surveillance product is designed specifically for the needs of our commercial customers and features high-definition cameras, on-site video storage and remote viewing and access. Further details about Cox’s products are available on Cox University, Introduction to CBSS, Cox U: WBT-CCI-CCICBCBS0649


HD Surveillance

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