Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Program Management for Residential at, Business at, and Cox Media at with any questions regarding this program.

Are all Cox employees eligible to participate in the program?

Participation is voluntary. Eligible participants include Cox full-time and part-time employees in regions offering Cox services. Please see “Terms and Conditions: Eligibility” above for full details.

Are Field contractors eligible to participate in the Refer to Cox Employee program?

Field Contractors are able to participate in the Residential Program. See Kathryn Mesaros for full details.

Can I submit referrals for my friends, family and various people I encounter?

With their consent, you can submit a referral on behalf of any current or prospective customer for specific Cox products and services.

Can I make claims about Cox products and services when talking to potential refer?

No, you cannot. Please rely on approved Marketing materials included on the program web site or information on or The Cox Referral Program Headquarters will be able to answer all customer questions.

What happens if there are duplicate orders or referrals in the system?

Duplicate orders: The order placed first in ICOMS will take precedence and qualify for the award. Duplicate referrals: Referrals are date and time stamped. The referral placed first will take precedence and qualify for the award.

How soon will the customer be contacted after a referral is entered in the system?

The Cox Referral Program team will make first contact within 24 hours. For Cox Media a New Business Development consultant will make first contact within one business day.

How long will a referral stay in the system?

For Cox Business & Cox Business Security Solutions, all referrals remain open and will be worked within 180 days until is sold and installed. For Cox Media all referrals submitted by the form fill will remain open and will be worked for up to 9 months. For Cox Residential, all referrals will be actively worked for 30 days.

What types of businesses/industries cannot advertise with Cox Media?

Cox Media under no circumstances will advertise the following:

Cox Media cannot accept advertising for the following ‘restricted services’:

How do I login to Amplifi?

There are two methods for access Amplifi: When you are on the Cox Network, you can access Amplifi through CoxOne or your Amplifi Desktop icon. You will not need to use a login and password for Amplifi. If you are home or using a personal device to log in, you must use your Amplifi login and password. Your login is your 8-digit employee ID (including the two leading zeros).

How do I know how many point I have?

You can view your current point balance once you login on your Amplifi profile, the balance would be in the upper right corner, under your name. You can also go to your profile and then select the Statement tab to view account details.

Where do I see how I have spent my points?

Once you log in your Amplifi profile you can access your account statement which lists all deposits and withdrawals. Just click on your name in the upper right corner.

How do I spend my points?

Once you log in to your Amplifi profile, just click on the Shop tile and a new window will open with your catalog displayed.

Who do I contact with program questions?

Please e-mail questions regarding the Residential program to or please contact the Cox Referral Program Headquarters at 1-877-668-1746. For questions regarding the Business or Business Security programs, please send your email to or please contact Rebekah Morris at questions regarding the Cox Media referral program, please send your email to Janae Gillespie at